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Prices are current as of today, October 25, 2021
We purchase these virgin and non-virgin empty cartridges:
Canon CL211Color$1.75
Canon CL211XLColor$2.50
Canon CL241Color$2.25
Canon CL241XLColor$2.50
Canon CL244Color$1.75
Canon CL244XLColor$2.00
Canon CL246Color$2.50
Canon CL246XLColor$3.50
Canon CL31Color$0.75
Canon CL38Color$0.75
Canon CL41Color$0.75
Canon CL51Color$1.00
Canon CL52Color$0.30
Canon PG-243Black$1.25
Canon PG-243XLBlack$1.50
Canon PG210Black$1.00$0.25
Canon PG210XLBlack$1.00$0.25
Canon PG240Black$2.00$0.50
Canon PG240XL / XXLBlack$1.50$0.50
Canon PG245Black$2.00$0.75
Canon PG245XLBlack$2.00$0.50
Canon PG30Black$0.50$0.25
Canon PG37Black$0.50$0.25
Canon PG40Black$0.75$0.25
Canon PG50Black$0.75$0.25
DELL N5878Black$0.25
DELL T0529Black$0.25
HP 110Color$0.25
HP 15Black$1.50$1.00
HP 21 / 21XLBlack$0.25
HP 22 / 22XLColor$0.25
HP 26Black$0.25
HP 27Black$0.25
HP 28Color$0.50$0.25
HP 33Black$0.25
HP 40BBlack$0.50
HP 45Black$2.00$1.00
HP 45 new coreBlack$0.50
HP 45 new coreBlack$0.50
HP 54Black$0.20
HP 56Black$0.25$0.10
HP 57Color$0.25
HP 58Photo$0.50$0.30
HP 59Photo Gray$0.30$0.20
HP 60BBlack$0.50$0.25
HP 60CColor$1.50
HP 60XLBBlack$1.00$0.25
HP 60XLCColor$1.50
HP 61BBlack$1.50$0.50
HP 61B/61XLB (OLD GEN.)Black$0.25
HP 61CColor$1.50$0.50
HP 61C/61XLC (OLD GEN.)Color$0.50
HP 61XLBBlack$1.50$0.50
HP 61XLCColor$1.50$0.50
HP 62BBlack$1.75$0.50
HP 62CColor$1.50
HP 62XLBBlack$1.75$0.50
HP 62XLCColor$1.75
HP 63BBlack$0.75$0.25
HP 63CColor$0.75$0.25
HP 63XLBBlack$1.00$0.25
HP 63XLCColor$1.25$0.25
HP 65Color$0.50$0.25
HP 65Color$1.25$0.25
HP 65Black$1.00$0.25
HP 65XL BlackBlack$1.50$0.25
HP 65XL ColorColor$1.50$0.25
HP 701$0.25
HP 78Color$0.25$0.10
HP 901BBlack$0.75$0.25
HP 901CColor$1.50
HP 901XLBBlack$1.00$0.50
HP 93Color$0.25
HP 95Color$0.25
HP 952XLAll$0.25
HP 97Color$0.25
HP 970XL All$0.25
HP45 Looking red/blue/blackAll$2.25$1.75
Lexmark 1Color$0.50
Lexmark 16Black$0.50
Lexmark 17Black$0.50
Lexmark 48/50/55/70/71/75 Round dotsBlack$0.25
NEOPOST IJ25/35/45/90 seriesRed$1.50$1.00