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1. What is the difference between a virgin empty inkjet cartridge compared to a non-virgin empty inkjet cartridge?

    “Virgin” and “Non-Virgin” refer to how many times the cartridge has been used.

    Virgin empties are empties that have never been refilled. They show the brand name manufacturer, such as HP,     Canon, Lexmark, or Dell. They do not have any signs of refilling.

    Non-virgin empty inkjet cartridges are those that have been refilled. Usually they show the label of the     remanufacturing company, or they have other signs of refilling.

    Please refer to our more detailed guide to identifying Virgin and Non-Virgin cartridges
2. Why don’t you buy Epson, Brother, or more cartridges not on your list?

    Unfortunately, the value of these empties is not enough to pay for shipping.
3. Do you accept toner cartridges or only inkjet cartridges?

    We don’t accept toner cartridges through this site. But, if you have a large shipment of empty toners, usually 50 or     more, we can usually purchase it. Please contact us to set up the shipment.